Find A Way is now Mint Music Presently we are working on a new Mint Music website. To visit the Toronto Guitar School website click here


Find A Way has been a fixture on Toronto’s recording and music education scene for over 15 years. Founded in 1996 by Toronto musician, producer and entrepreneur Glen Alan, Find A Way has grown to incorporate a music school with 3 Toronto locations, a world class recording studio, a video production company, music store and event services with an associate faculty and staff of over 40 people.

Find A Way has always believed that the first step in creating a brighter, more sustainable future starts with ourselves. That’s why for over 12 years we have offered an environmental rebate to our students and customers that take the TTC, ride their bike or walk to their appointment. By financially rewarding our customers who take less energy intensive transportation to their music lesson or recording session we’ve prevented 1000’s of pounds of C02 from entering the atmosphere. To learn more about our environmental rebates click here

As part of our commitment towards sustainability we’ve also invested in energy efficient fluorescent and led lighting at all our locations and reduced our energy consumption dramatically. We are also proud to announce that since September 2014 the power we use at Find A Way comes from 100{9b973d9d2eec33bbcc22d5da8cb0b5bf5b48180228a7b1da8fc659a715e66995} renewable sources through our relationship with Bullfrog Power.

Find A Way also believes in investing in our communities to create strong resilient relationships that allow people lead happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. That’s why in the spring of 2014 Find A Way worked with the Non-GMO coalition of Toronto to present Toronto’s first Non-GMO Farmers Market and Music Festival at Christie Pits on Saturday May 24th 2014. Over 4,000 people participated in the Rally and Festival and the event received significant media exposure.

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