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Find A Way is a proud member of Green Enterprise Toronto. GET envisions a sustainable society which balances the three pillars of people (social equity), planet (healthy environment) and the economy (long-term prosperity) and commits to meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. GET is an inclusive organization that works with businesses of all types, sizes and current levels of sustainability. We believe all businesses can and should develop increasing levels of sustainable business practices and if properly engaged they will continue to work with us in achieving this objective. For more information on GET go to


Successful business depends on word-of-mouth referrals. BNI's unique approach offers a cost effective form of referral generation. BNI's structured system of giving and receiving referrals creates a supportive and trusting environment for developing serious business relationships. BNI Danforth has been successfully growing and passing Quality Business Referrals to its members for over 10 years now. From March 2009 to March 2010 BNI Danforth generated nearly 1,200,000 dollars in referrals and is one of the largest BNI chapters in Toronto. Find A Way has been a member of BNI Canada Danforth Chapter since July 2009.


In June of 2010 Glen Alan, founder of Find A Way became the executive director of Toronto Dollar Projects Inc. The Toronto Dollar is a Community Currency whose mission is to act as a catalyst, to strengthen and revitalize our local economy. The Toronto Dollar's goal is to link businesses and individuals together through a healthier more equitable economic ecosystem that encourages people to shop locally and reinvest in their community. Toronto Dollars are now accepted at over 100 businesses in Toronto and over its 12 year history the Toronto Dollar has distributed over 40 different grants for local charities and community organizations .

"Understanding how the monetary system works is one step towards creating a system which serves human needs and recognizes the value and importance of the biosphere upon which all our lives depend. The local currency movement hopes to reorganize the global system by creating healthy local communities that recognize and respect their interdependence, and work cooperatively to restore the Earth, recognize the rights and wisdom of indigenous people, and respect the rights of all people -- regardless of class, gender, age, or race. Local currencies are a powerful tool towards raising consciousness, building community, and restructuring our economies in a sustainable direction." - Carol Brouillet

The Toronto Dollar is relatively unique in comparison to other community currencies due to the fact that 10 percent of every Toronto Dollar sold goes to support community charities and non-profit agencies. For more information on the Toronto Dollar please visit

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