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Artist Spotlight- Paris Molokwu


paris molokwu

Paris Molokwu (stage name- Paris Ltd) is Mint Music recording client as well as a talented local musician! He has been a songwriter for a few years, performing in a local band back in his home of South Africa. We are so excited to share this up and coming artist.

We asked him about his recent recording experience with Mint Music as well as about his background as a musician:

“Towards the end of my first year at uni I had been itching to share my creative outbursts, not knowing how I wanted to do so. Recording as a solo artist wasn’t something I was CRAZY about because it’s kind of like putting yourself up to be dissected. My lyrics are probably a bit too revealing and often touch on shameful moments of my life – I can’t help that I get the best rhymes out of that!

Working with Mint Music was a strike of good luck because Matt (sound engineer) was a perfect fit for the sound I was hoping to explore. As a producer he had an appreciation for my lyricism and how it was a driving force for the music – it was clear that I could feel free to tackle the topics that I wanted to. Matt was also such a cool dude because of how he would listen to my endless rambles about gender and South Africa. Us working together became more worthwhile the more we got to know each other, our conversations were very honest and critical and it was nice having a person challenge the way I listened to myself and others.

I definitely owe Glen a huge thanks for being so dedicated to giving me the best experience I could’ve had with Mint Music and I look forward to working with Matt even more. Glen was is also a rockstar for keeping such good contact with me and checking in. I think the craziest thing is how rewarding it feels having a completed song, not because it feels like I can give myself a pat on the back now, but because of how much better I want to become. I want to push myself to challenge the way people listen to music, the way we treat performance and all of that jazz and it’s great being taken seriously here while being able to have a laugh”

(testimonial provided by Paris himself)

See Paris perform with us at the School Concert, June 23rd 2018 (info here)

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