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Find A Way Celebrates “April Fool’s Day”

Find A Way president Glen Alan was hard at work the evening before April Fool’s Day concocting a Cycle Related April Fool’s joke for the Find A Way Website.

Find A Way Makes World’s Most Advanced Quinticycle!

Find A Way has found a way to build the world’s most advanced quinticycle. Designed by Glen Alan and senior engineers Sebastien Chorney and Alan Hardiman, the quinticycle exceeds the standard width of a Hummer while employing advanced features such triple titanium bicycle rims, air brakes and an advanced emergency peddle powered anti-gravity propulsion system. The Find A Way quinticycle employs a proprietary system of gears, pulleys and electro-magnets to achieve blistering speeds in excess of 120 km/hr. Production of the quinticycle will commence in the summer of 2008 pending CSA approval.
Also in development and possibly being launched next April Fool’s Day is the deca-bicyclette. Often referred to as the “DB Limo” this French-inspired oversize luxury version is designed specifically for the environmentally conscious rock star and want to be celebrity. The Deca-bicyclette is more than 3 car lengths long and comes equipped with silver platted water bottles, dual gold plated bike bells, 10 triple titanium forged bike U-locks, 9 sets of Dolby Surround Audio CD Players with Headphones, a bread pantry and an over sized rear carriage for luggage. The Deca-bicyclette is an easy way to gain status within environmentally conscious social circles and is produced and assembled with care at Find A Way studios.

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