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Glen Alan releases 6 song EP on June 27th 2009

On Saturday June 27th Glen Alan released a limited edition 6 song EP entitled “The Many Faces Of Glen Alan”. The CD features 6 original compositions by Glen Alan and retails for $12.00 and if purchased at the Toronto Dollar booth at the St. Lawrence Market (South Building on Saturdays only from 9 am -2 pm) a portion of the proceeds goes to the Toronto Dollar – an organization that sells a local currency that is accepted by vendors in the south building of the St. Lawrence Market and at other participating locally based merchants throughout Toronto including Find A Way and Eternal Spring Organics The CD will soon be available for purchase on Find A Way’s website.  To order your copy now please call (416) 707-1077 or email

This special compilation entitled “The Many Faces Of Glen Alan” features Glen Alan on lead vocals, background vocals, and keyboards with Find A Way voice student Fenton Fong singing lead on Sun’s Up.  Additional background singers include Gail Berry, Nicholas Komiotis and Mike Rocha.  Paul Donat plays fretted and fretless electric bass, Larry Crowe plays drums with additional percussion and string programming by Glen Alan.  Lead electric and acoustic guitar playing was done by Tim Bovaconti and additional electric guitar by Devrim Eldelekli and Andrew Frost.  On Subway Bandit Danny McErlain plays piano and Ka-Cheong Liu plays acoustic bass.

All songs except Subway Bandit’s bass, piano and lead vocal tracks were recorded at Find A Way Studios by engineers Sebastien Chorney, Kevin A Cameron and Mike Rocha.  The “Subway Bandit” bedtracks were done a Kinck Sound Studios in 2002.  The freshly released EP “The Many Faces Of Glen Alan” was produced by Glen Alan and mixed by senior engineer Sebastien Chorney.  The track order of the EP is as follows:  1. Sun’s Up  2.  Nearest Star  3.  Free Another Heart  4.  Shattered World  5. Virtual Paradise  6. Subway Bandit.

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