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MP3 Teaser released for Bruce Thomson’s song “Cycle Mania’

Cycle Mania is the latest offering from Find A Way Artist – Bruce Thompson.  Bruce hopes this will help promote cycling and help raise awareness towards cycling related issues.

“With the growing concern over the negative impact human activities are having on the environment cycling makes more sense than ever.  The bicycle is a affordable, clean, and healthy alternate to fossil fuel driven vehicles.  We need to support this great mode of transportation by putting pressure on our elected leaders to put the bike at the fore-front of government transportation initatives.” – Bruce Thompson.

Almost a year and a half in the making, Cycle Mania promises to the most exciting Bruce Thompson recording to date.  Cycle Mania features Bruce Thompson (keys and vocals) Tim Bovaconti (Guitars), Andrew Frost (Guitars), Richard Fortin (Guitars) Peter Fuscoe (Bass) and Sony Recording Artist DB Clifford (Drums).

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