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No Nonsense performs at J D’s Bar and Grill

No Nonsense A Cappella Quartet sings in Collingwood June 4th 2009

No Nonsense performs at J D’s Bar and Grill in Collingwood, Ontario for Dennis McAndrew
No Nonsense members from left to right:  Glen Alan, Mike Hughes, Trevor Hanley and James Carson.

Glen Alan performed with the Acappella Quartet No Nonsense on June 4th 2009 at J D’s Bar and Grill in Collingwood to a standing room only crowd at Dennis McAndrew’s retirement party.  Dennis McAndrew was the quartet’s vocal music high school teacher that helped nurture the acappella quartet when it began.  The Quartet is well known in the area for its tight harmonies and unrivaled sound and has been together for over 15 years.  The members are Trevor Hanley, James Carson, Mike Hughes and Glen Alan.  Dennis McAndrew made an impromptu saxophone solo on “One Fine Day” which added to the excitement of crowd seeing No Nonsense perform once again in their local stomping ground.

Dennis McAndrew when asked about his role in shaping the quartet’s sound commented,  “I really did nothing.  These guys already had it.”   Glen and his band mates know that this dynamic music teacher actually played a large roll in nurturing and encouraging their passion for music.  “I still remember bringing in the first acappella song I ever wrote aptly entitled “Finding The Way” and Dennis taking the time outside of class to listen to it”, says Glen.   “I remember Dennis saying “I like it Glen – very cool, but I think you need a bridge here.”  I was back in no time with a newly written bridge.”

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