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Guitar Instructor

Camila is a music composer, guitarist and educator. She has been playing and performing for almost 13 years. Camila has played in several projects, including rock bands, contemporary music festivals, and has also written soundtracks for short films and animation films. In 2013, she started working on a music degree (Composition for Audiovisual Media); she began teaching by her second year. A few years later, Camila also began pursuing a Bachelor Degree in Education, so that she could also work as a secondary school teacher.

Camila has also worked extensively as a solo artist, and has a significant and dedicated fanbase on social media. Due partly to this visibility, in 2018 Ibanez Guitars made Camila part of their family, granting her the opportunity to be one of the first women from South America to be part of their Artists’ Catalogue. Recently she also got the support of Yamaha Canada to be part of their influencers fan base. She enjoys teaching rock, jazz, pop, modern metal and much more. Camila always aims to improve her students’ self-confidence; this way, she can encourage them to be curious and creative.

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