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Lessons Offered

  • BASS (Acoustic and Electric)
  • DRUMS (Acoustic)
  • GUITAR (Acoustic and Electric)
  • MICROPHONE TECHNIQUE (Stage and Studio)
  • PIANO (Acoustic Piano and Electronic Keyboard Technique)
  • RECORDING - ENGINEERING/EDITING & MIXING (Live Sound or Studio Recording)
  • STUDIO PRODUCTION (Studio Production Techniques)

Individual Lessons

During an individual lesson at Find A Way you get the full attention of an expert musician and teacher who is focused on you, and you alone. Your individual teacher will make sure that you are getting a rich student-teacher relationship, direct and focused feedback, personalized practice plans, and interactive technical and artistic instruction.

At Find A Way, we focus on delivering quality individual music instruction because we know that individual lessons are the best way to develop your musical skills. In fact Find A Way has been a leader in providing quality individual music lessons in Toronto for over 15 years. With now over 35 instructors covering every major musical instrument, style and level you can be sure that you will receive the best quality musical education that Toronto has to offer right here at Find A Way. To browse our instructor profiles click here

Group Classes

We also provide a special series of group classes (currently for guitar, recording arts, and Ableton Live). These group classes are focused on one of the two:

1) some classes provide top-quality introductory level lessons focused on learning the basics and performing with other musicians;
2) some classes will be more focused, providing special workshops on specific styles, techniques, and topics.

These group lessons can be a great additional add-on to individual lessons allowing students to play in an ensemble or group setting. Find A Way is committed to offering the highest quality group music lessons in Toronto with class sizes no greater than 10 students per instructor.

Individual Lessons Versus Group Classes

Expert individual lessons are indispensable for developing your musical talent. 

Of course, specially focused group classes, workshops, and seminars can also be a fun and useful way to expand your scope and play with other musicians.

At Find A Way, you will find the very best of both worlds! We are focused first on providing excellent individual one-on-one music lessons, while providing the opportunity to expand your musical skills by taking part in our series of exciting workshops, seminars, and group classes.

Group lessons certainly have a lot to offer and can be significantly cheaper. However, they can only take you so far in your musical progress. When students come to us having previously worked only with group lessons, we always notice bad habits that would never have survived the attention of a focused individual lesson taught by a passionate and experienced teacher. Educational research has shown again and again that students who take individual lessons are the most able to progress quicker and develop better techniques and habits in the long-term.

Simply put, the one-on-one relationship with a teacher gives you the focused direct attention you need to become the musician you aim to be. Group classes, workshops, and ensembles can certainly supplement and enrich a student's musical experience but they should never be relied on as the primary way to learn an instrument.

The Best Teachers Provide the Best Results!

At Find A Way we have gathered together over 35 highly qualified instructors, each of whom holds a degree or diploma in music and has been teaching and performing music for at least 10 years. All our teachers are actively practicing musicians engaged in the music industry, and a number of them have been nominated for and won Juno, Grammy, and other prestigious music awards. Since teaching is an art and skill all its own, we make sure our teachers can back up their performance experience with years of professional teaching experience and a solid foundation in music education and pedagogy.

This is one of the reasons that Find A Way Music School was recently voted the #1 Music School in East York in August 2014. We only offer the highest quality lessons taught by experienced performers and educators. At Find A Way, you can be confident that you are learning from the very best.

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At Find A Way, we focus on delivering quality individual music instruction because we know that individual lessons are the best way to develop your musical skills. To browse our instructor profiles click

About Our Music School

Find A Way's Music School offers individual music lessons in bass, cello, clarinet, drums, flute, french horn, electronic keyboard, guitar (acoustic, classical, and electric), kora, piano, saxophone (alto, soprano, and tenor), trumpet, trombone, ukelele, violin, viola and voice. Find A Way's Recording Studio offers individual music lessons in Ableton, Cakewalk, Cubase, studio engineering, FL Studio, Logic, mixing, Protools, WaveLab, and much more.

Classes and masterclasses are offered in a variety of instruments and music related subjects throughout the year. In addition Find A Way offers individual and ongoing seminars and workshops in live sound, microphone technique, mixing, music theory, songwriting, arranging, recording and studio production techniques, and more.

Find A Way's instructors are musicians actively engaged in the music industry who hold a degree or diploma in music and have a minimum of 10 years teaching and performing experience.

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