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Find A Way voice student
Melinda Shankar's recommendation
- Star of Degrassi: The Next Generation

It all started on the set of Degrassi when I asked out loud if anyone knew of any great vocal coaches and immediately someone yelled out "GO TO GLEN ALAN, HE'S AWESOME!"

I went to about 3 schools before calling Glen. On the phone I found Glen to be very knowledgeable and immediately felt at ease with him.

When I had my first lesson I didn't feel like I was just another student in a time slot. I enjoyed the lesson and learned so much that after I left I couldn't wait to come back to the one vocal coach that I'm most comfortable with, who has an impressive collection of awards and accomplishments.

What also impressed me was that Find A Way also has a professional recording studio - something you don't find at most music schools.

Melinda Shankar, voice student - read more

Bitter Blue hired Glen & his team to record our full length CD. They were very accommodating and helpful during the sessions with an end result that sounded fantastic. We were able to cover a lot of ground in a very short time which saved us money and helped us stay on budget. I would highly recommend Find A Way’s Recording Studio to anyone looking for a great recording.

Mike Ryan, guitarist and lead singer for Bitter Blue

I came to Find A Way looking for a vocal coach that would help me prepare to sing a song at a special birthday party. In just 7 lessons studying with Glen Alan I noticed a huge improvement in my tone, diction, range and confidence level. When I performed the song I felt great singing it and received a very long standing ovation at the end. Even Jackie Richardson one of my favorite vocalists who also sang that evening said she was impressed.

Simply put, Glen is a fantastic vocal coach. The success of my performance was all due to Glen Alan's expert teaching skills, patience and encouragement. Glen gives excellent vocal exercises and repertoire coaching, covering every aspect of the performance from microphone technique, vocal production, movement, breathing and more. Glen really helps you discover the joy in singing through freeing the natural voice and teaching you how to produce the best possible sound.

Kim MacLaurin, voice student - read more

With a rich palette of talent and a charming frontman, this school has certainly been an absolute pleasure to work with.  Also, the Go Green attitude that grants $5 off each lesson when TTC is taken is a nice little sense of progressive mentality.  The only thing I would add is a small weasel in a waistcoat serving hot cakes around 4 pm everyday. Fantastic stuff, team.

Britton Vincent, professional musician, cello student

Having a great studio is not only about the equipment. It's always about the people. And you'll find both things at Find A Way Studios. At Find A Way studios I found a friendly team of professionals who really care about music and the quality of the recordings they produce.

They have good ears, attention to the sound in each and every aspect and they really respect the art of the others. Thanks to Alan Hardiman and Glen Alan for the brilliant mastering of the MR Quartet's debut CD, "Seven Miles to Heaven". We hope to work with you again in the future.

Mark Meitine, recording studio client (pianist/composer, co-founder of "MR Quartet") - read more

I wish to congratulate Glen Alan on making my daughter Taylor enjoy the piano. She really does practice on her own now and is showing initiative to do other musical things. Thank you for allowing her to grow and discover what she really loves. You are very special and talented individual to allow the boundaries of each persons talents to grow and show itself differently - "Individually".

Monika Emo, parent of piano student Taylor Emo

I took voice lessons with Glen, and he made me feel like there was no obstacle I could overcome. He was patient, caring and took the time to really walk me through everything in full detail. He is quite possibly one of the best teacher's I have ever had. I got voice lessons and my self-esteem improved as well. Thanks Glen.

Maggie Medeiros, voice student

Glen's jazz background in arranging is a huge asset in the studio. Being able to create and edit lead sheets on the fly and interacting with session musicians in their own language makes sessions go quickly and painlessly. Glen has a very detail-oriented perspective in the studio and is relentessly focused on delivering quality. Great attributes to have!

Sebastien Chorney, recording engineer

I've been taking guitar lessons with Devrim Eldelekli through Find A Way's Music School for a couple months now and can confidently say Devrim is a great teacher. In my lessons I have found Devrim to be very easy going and supportive. I believe the key to learning anything new is to feel challenged and encouraged at the same time. Devrim is very good at that.

I am an absolute beginner when it comes to any kind of music. I can't read it, I can't play any sort of instrument and as an adult, I probably don't have the physical dexterity or learning abilities of someone younger. In spite of these challenges, Devrim has made me feel completely at ease and even a little bit proud of my progress on the guitar. He is willing to work with you at whatever level you're at, and whatever kind of music you're interested in. He raised his eyebrows only slightly when I requested in my first or second lesson that he teach me a Beatles song that was somewhat of a challenge for my present skill level, but proceeded to break one down for me to make it manageable. It now actually sounds pretty good!

Sandra Lewis, guitar student - read more

After only 5 voice lessons I am thrilled to report that everyone in my choir - and ultimately our congregation - has noticed a difference in my performance.

As the sole soprano in our Serbian Orthodox church quartet, everyone is dependent on me to project volume, hold tune and strongly carry our unique and ancient melodies. You've introduced me to a range of relaxation techniques and vocal exercises, each of which instantly improved my performance.

I was so excited after each lesson! I had so much energy and felt so empowered to perform!

I will continue to practice the techniques you've taught me to both exercise my vocal "muscles" but also to let the music flow naturally through my body!

Without hesitation, I will recommend your services to anyone who is looking to make their musical dreams come to life.

I hope to be back as a studio client next time - it is our goal for our quartet to record a CD to sell as a fundraiser for our church.

Thank you for generously sharing your expertise and for helping me to find my true voice!

Michelle Henderson, voice student - read more

I have completed several projects at Glen Alan's studio, Find A Way, as a freelance recording engineer, and found Glen to be extremely conscientious, honest and reliable. He always keeps the best interests of his clients foremost in mind and strives to deliver more than full value for money.

Alan Hardiman, recording engineer

Glen is a perfect blend of professionalism and fun - exactly what you need in a vocal coach. His passion for music is infectious and his enthusiastic and supportive approach encourages you to take the risks required to develop and grow as an artist. As well, his comprehensive knowledge of musical composition, performance and production allows Glen to provide invaluable insight and advice every step of the way. Under his guidance, I was able to accomplish much more than I ever thought possible.

Laura Gass, voice student

Glen is a master at producing music. His knowledge of music theory was an asset to all recording sessions; always able to make a suggestion, to bring a song to the next level. Along with with his musical knowledge, his ability to assemble the concrete plans of a recording session was a relief to myself as the engineer. A true professional.

Kevin A. Cameron, recording engineer

I have used Find A Way Recording Studio services for CD development and recording and am extremely happy. I have found Glen Alan and his staff to be extremely helpful. I continue to engage their assistance.

Patricia Rockman, recording studio client

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