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Lindsay Jones

Lindsay Jones

Guitar and Theory Instructor

With eight years of teaching experience, classical guitarist Lindsay Jones is a seasoned guitar instructor and music educator. Lindsay began studying classical guitar at the age of eight, taking private lessons and practicing for yearly examinations with the Royal Conservatory of Music. In 2007 she completed the RCM’s Grade 10 guitar exam with honours and she is currently working towards her Performer’s ARCT. In addition to her RCM credentials, Lindsay holds a Bachelor of Music and Master of Arts in Musicology from the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Music. She is an active member of Toronto’s classical guitar scene, frequently performing as a soloist, accompanist, chamber musician, and guitar orchestra player.

Through private lessons, Lindsay’s students develop solid musicianship skills while gaining an appreciation for the history of the guitar and its role in classical and contemporary music. Students can expect to work on rhythmic, ear training, and performance skills while playing a variety of pieces and exercises that focus on the development of proper technique and music reading ability. If they wish, classical guitar students will receive thorough preparation for RCM examinations, festival competitions, and university auditions. Though a classical guitar specialist, Lindsay is also well-versed in popular guitar styles and can provide a structured curriculum and guidance for any student wishing to become proficient in rock, pop, or blues.

Lindsay is currently at the outset of her doctoral studies in musicology at the University of Toronto. As a nineteenth-century music scholar, her research interests include the music of Johannes Brahms, nineteenth-century variation form, and the role of folk music in the development of solo classical guitar repertoire in Vienna in the early 1800s.

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