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Leonardo Ciotti

Leonardo Ciotti

Leonardo has been playing guitar, bass, drums and singing professionally since 1998.
He has performed in a number of professional bands over the past 20 years and has given hundreds of concerts at international recognized venues in Brazil, such as HSBC Music Hall, Credicard Hall, Porto Seguro Theatre and Citibank Hall for live audiences as large as 50,000 people. As a composer, Leo has written more than 200 of his own original songs has also written countless songs and scores for tv shows, commercial jingles and various professional artists. In his role as band leader and front man he has been interviewed on television and radio multiple times and performed live on tv shows like Agora é Tarde (TV Bandeirantes), Jornal da Record (Record TV), Todo Seu (TV Gazeta) and SBT, all Brazilian TV Channels.

Leonardo has built and designed 4 commercial studios in Brazil from 2002 to 2016 and since May 2017 Leonardo has been a senior engineer at Mint Music's Recording Studios in Toronto.  Leonardo has recorded and produced hundred of songs in numerous genres and styles over his recording career. Leonardo is fluent ProTools, Cubase, Logic, FL Studio, WaveLab and Studio One and has taught engineering and recording since 2008. As an award-winner film maker, Leo has done music recording and audio for film and television, foley, editing and mixing in surround and stereo.

Leo is a passionate music educator and his extensive studio and musical experience is a great resource for his private students, ensembles and classes he teaches. Regardless of any student’s skill level, Leo knows how to bring the best in everyone, creating a comfortable and dynamic teaching environment where everyone can succeed.

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